AXIS axle

Radial Forging Machine

Utilizing a radial forge machine, our process delivers precise position control that yields near-net shape formed axles, and includes in-process inspection while monitoring with instant feedback.

Shop Floor Control System

Our centralized part tracking and identification system, equipped with over 2,600 data collection points plant-wide, ensures real-time monitoring from a central control point.

Hot Forging Measurement System

An automated machine-vision system measures hot forgings in real-time to guarantee dimensional accuracy.

heat treating
heat treating

Heat Treating

Our facility offers normalizing and tempering capabilities, with the option of water quenching.



Machining is a crucial aspect of our manufacturing process. We pride ourselves in the precision and consistency of our machining capabilities. AXIS utilizes proprietary optical dimensional measurement technology to guarantee accuracy and repeatability of our products.



Ensuring quality is paramount at AXIS. We maintain a team of trained and certified NDT inspectors on staff.

AXIS Quality Policy
AXIS is focused on providing exceptional value through a commitment to safety, superior quality, continuous improvement, and an ongoing allegiance to customer satisfaction.

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