About Us

AXIS is a highly automated manufacturing facility with the world's best machine tools. Our primary material that can be forged, heat treated and machined is steel.


Forging: AXIS has the ability to forge parts weighing up to 4,400 lbs/2000 kgs with a maximum length up to 18’/5.5m with a maximum starting cross section area of 210 square inches/1355 square centimeters.

Heat treating: At our facility we have normalizing and tempering capabilities. Our furnaces can heat treat parts weighing 8,000 lbs/3630 kgs with a maximum length of 18’/5.5m.

Machining: Our lathes are capable of processing parts up to 9’/2.75m in length at a maximum weight of 2,200 lbs/1000kgs. We can machine parts accurately and repeatedly with a tolerance of +/- .0005 in/.0127 mm We also have laser measuring dimensional inspection equipment.

Testing: To ensure the quality of all of our parts we have trained and certified level II and III ultra sonic and magnetic particle inspectors on staff. Safety and quality is not our goal it is our standard.

We hope this information helps you to understand more about AXIS. We would welcome the opportunity for you to visit our facility and witness our state of the art process. We appreciate you visiting our website today and if you need any more information or have any questions please call our main number (870) 215-4500.